About Us

GN Diamond is one of the largest wholesale diamond companies servicing over 4,500 independent retailers across the country, Canada and the Islands. We are a family owned business located in Philadelphia, PA, with over 30 years of experience.  GN Diamond has over 9,000 loose, natural diamonds and over 8,000 loose, lab created diamonds. 

Our finished jewelry department concentrates on classics like

GN remains loyal to our retail partners and has turned down internet sites over a dozen times. 




the reasons why gn diamond should be your supplier of choice

  • GN Diamond is dedicated to supporting independent retailers and does not sell to the public or to on-line websites.
  • Our $70 million diamond inventory is composed of over 7,000 natural, loose certified GIA and EGL USA diamonds and over 7,000 lab created diamonds certified by GIA and IGI..
  • All of our natural diamonds include light brilliancy, insurance discounts, and most are so competitively priced that they are on the first page of Rapnet. We do not charge for these extra features.
  • Easy links and photos to show a 360-degree view of diamonds, their light performance, their Gemprint and their certification.
  • We offer a state of the art, easy to use 4 C's sales presentation geared for retailers to show as a Business to Consumer educational platform
  • Superior customer service. Open 7 days a week.
  • Amazing educational videos by industry leaders like Shane Decker and Diane Warga-Arias.
  • We source the most brilliant rough and we cut for maximum scintillation so that our diamonds are the brightest in the market.
  • The GN Exchange Program allows you to partner with us on any over-the-counter purchase of any quality of natural diamonds, mounted or loose, any color, clarity or cut - we handle the distribution and re-cutting so you make immediate money on every over-the-counter transaction.
  • We offer market research and free marketing to strategically and cost-effectively penetrate your local area to yield the best return on investment.
  • We offer, Diamond Hunt, our virtual inventory as your own instore selling tool, and may be seen on your website with your markup of choice.

THE NEW GN DIAMOND APP - The Easiest Sales Tool Proven to Close More Sales

  • Reduce the sales presentation in 1/2
  • Within 30 seconds consumers understand why 1 diamonds is brighter than another
  • Reduces negotiations by up to 50%
  • Proven to Increase Referrals
  • Wows and Excites consumers with what's new with the store in loose diamonds and diamond studs (this accounts for up to 70% of retail sales)
  • Easy Ads and Images to Post on Facebook and Instagram
  • Helps Capture personal information when your consumer is shopping you

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