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100% Guaranteed Trade In Policy

Trade-In Policy on Short-Term Memo Purchases

We will exchange GIA for GIA, EGLUSA for EGLUSA, and diamond studs for diamond studs, with any purchase increase of 5% or greater. A single diamond exchanged for a single diamond (not multiple).

Trade-In Policy on Stock Purchases

We will exchange up to 25% of the total invoice dollar for dollar, GIA for GIA, EGLUSA for EGLUSA, and diamond studs for diamond studs, only if paid within invoice terms.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Payments must be received within terms.
  • Returned diamonds must be returned in the same condition as they were sent.
  • Original certs must accompany all certified diamond returns, or applicable fees will apply. For diamonds up to 1.00 carat which are returned without the original certificate, there is a minimum fee of $150 to cover the certificate and shipping on all diamonds. For diamonds greater than 1.00 carat, the fee is $100 per carat.
  • Return authorization numbers must be given.
  • Return of Stock merchandise must be nine (9) months or older.
  • All credits applied are based upon net dollars paid per invoice.
  • Repurchase on exchanges must be within two weeks, diamond for diamond, cert for cert.
  • A single diamond exchanged for a single diamond--not multiple diamonds. Exchanges must total a purchase increase of 5% or more.
  • Accounts must be in good standing with GN Diamond.
  • This policy is effective on invoices from October 1, 2018 moving forward.
  • GN Diamond reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

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