The History of GN - Who We Are

GN Diamond has been in business for over 35 years with offices in Israel and Philadelphia. We are a direct cutter and manufacturer of diamonds and fine diamond jewelry. Below are some photos of our office facilities in Philadelphia. We encourage our clients to visit the city of Brotherly Love and enjoy the enthusiasm and warmth of our GN employees. It is an excellent opportunity to cherry pick through our large inventory of loose diamonds and view all of our finished jewelry as well. We can also assist you with marketing ideas and traffic building techniques.

GN understands the challenges faced by our clients. Buying a diamond is much more than a certificate. We personally hand pick every diamond, ring, and parcel to meet your criteria. We help you increase your closing percentages, gain market share and ensure that our prices are extremely competitive.

Take advantage of buying Direct: We have been cutting our own rough in Russia and Israel for over 50 years. Millions of dollars worth of goods are shipped in weekly at 35% - 60% OFF Rap. We have one of the largest inventories in our industry.

In addition to our certified diamonds, we carry over $10 million in parcel diamonds ranging from 2 pt. to 3.00 ct rounds. Melee is available for custom work and repairs.

Is Your Diamond Vendor Measuring Up?

*It is important to note that GN Diamond does not and WILL NOT sell to the direct public. We are here to support our retailers as we attribute our tremendous success over the last 15 years directly to them.