Forever After

For years, it has been advertised, "A Diamond is Forever" so consumers can feel a sense of excitement, endless love, and obsession over choosing the perfect diamond for their loved one.

Today, GN Diamond has a pending patent on the 81 faceted "Forever After" Diamond capturing a unique brilliance and sparkle over any other round or princess cut diamond. While most branded diamonds lose an average of 0.05 - 0.10ct when being cut, the "Forever After" Diamond loses only 0 - 0.03 ct. Forever After is engraved on the girdle of every diamond along with the certificate number.

Forever After... The diamond with the heart of a Star.

Forever After Features & Benefits

  1. Forever After has 81 facets, the traditional round has 57 or 58.
  2. Forever After diamonds are certified with a diamond report. Forever After diamonds are laser inscribed on the girdle with the ForeverAfter logo and diamond report number.
  3. Forever after diamonds have our signature 8-pointed star on the culet (which can be seen under magnification). Forever After -- “The Diamond with the Heart of a Star”
  4. You do not pay the prices of a branded diamond, but get all of the benefits.
  5. Round diamonds make up three-fourths of the worlds diamond sales.
  6. This is our diamond exclusively: the name is copyrighted, and the cut is patent pending.
  7. Give Forever After a little light and its performance is stunning.
  8. With Forever After your closing ratio will dramatically increase with virtually no competition.
  9. We wanted to produce a diamond that could compete with any round diamond in the world in beauty and price and we did it! There is no other like it!
  10. If you look at the Forever After diamond you will see the surface area of the facets are relatively uniform. This uniformity allows light to pass through the diamond and create even more brilliance than the traditional diamond.
  11. The facets in the Forever After are dispersed evenly throughout the crown, and pavilion. An 8 point star was created on the culet to create even more brilliance and hide any possibility of a dead spot.

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