Diamond Hunt will help you build credibility, qualify budgets and guaranteed to make you more sales

  • For almost a decade now, 90+% of all bridal sales show that local consumers prefer to buy their engagement from jewelers rather than from online merchants who primarily compete on price.
  • It has been our experience that adding a large diamond listing to your website shows consumers that you have the same kind of access to strong sources as the biggest online players. From the feedback we have received, keeping the prices OFF will generate more phone inquiries that you will otherwise miss. If you show prices then they will likely be higher than the online competition, and then you won't get as many phone calls. We have easy to use settings that allow you to set markups and activate/deactivate prices on demand. You can also customize the pages in many ways including adjusting colors and all contact information.
  • Diamond Hunt is one of the jewelry industry's premier website and in-store diamond sales tools and one of GN Diamonds' biggest value ads. Diamond Hunt is internet accessible and offers your sales team an opportunity to use state-of-the-art web-based technology to create a unique loose diamond sales experience with the end consumer.
  • Diamond hunt builds on what consumers are seeing on the websites of the big online sellers like Blue Nile, James Allen, Zales, Jareds and Kay's who are moving to sell based on a diamonds light performance and maximum brilliance.
  • The Diamond Hunt App is fully customizable with dozens of settings to control diamond filters, price markups, colors, and you can even add-in diamonds from your own in-store inventory even if they were not purchased from us. Use our website module to drive people into the store for an amazing In-Store Sales Presentation using the Diamond Hunt App.
  • Make sure all of your company's salespeople have their own account under your company name as this allows us to customize and track individual users.

Diamond Hunt includes the following modules:

  1. Your Diamond - After having educated the end consumer on the 4C's, this module shows the specific identifying characteristics of each and every certified loose diamond in our inventory.
    1. Light Performance
    2. Diamond 360 Video
    3. GemPrint
    4. Certification
    5. Reserve Form / Summary
  2. Diamond Hunt Diamond Search - this is a virtual listing of GN's entire inventory with your customized markups. Each and every one of the diamonds listed in the diamond search links to a "Your Diamond" sales presentation as per above.
  3. All of our diamonds come with Light Performance reports so you can compete with any online seller and actually make money.
  4. Resource Library
  5. Dozens of Sales Training and How to pre-recorded Videos
  6. Sales Training
  7. B2B Search (get rid of this - duplicative of Diamond Hunt)
  8. GemPrint Registration
  9. Scan your diamond - that's right, scan the barcode on any GN Diamond paper or Acrylic case and automatically open the Diamond Details with Light Performance, GemPrint, Diamond 360 video and Reserve Form.
  10. NEW: Custom Benefits page where you can customize the added value benefits of buying a diamond from your store.

Diamond Hunt Sales Training

We proudly offer Free Live Web Conference Training for your entire Sales Staff on how to use the GN Diamond Hunt sales tool in the context of a sales presentation. Please contact our your Account Rep to schedule a live web conference training on the following sales strategy:

  1. Have the right product for your store and your client's requests (stock/memo)
    • Qualifying your client's budget and supplying the right stones for their budget
  2. Explain the difference with visuals on why your diamonds are the brightest and nicest options - 60% of sales usually happen before you show a product using our personalized Diamond Hunt all-in-One Platform
  3. While presenting the physical diamonds to your client, scan the QR codes provided for the diamond story
    • Light Performance Technology- science to prove your inventories brilliance (helps prove that one diamonds of the same color and clarity can outshine another) - helps de-commoditize diamonds.
    • 360 diamond imaging offers a similar experience to online inside of your brick-and-mortar store - helps with transparency.
    • The GemPrint is a unique fingerprint of your unique diamond and it saves your Customers up to 10% off on their annual insurance premiums. GemPrint is an identification system for diamonds that records the unique and subtle distinctions in diamonds, just as fingerprinting does for people. It is completely noninvasive. Gemprint technology works by shining a low-powered laser light at a diamond, which is refracted within the diamond, then reflected from every facet and internal characteristic. The light coming back from the diamond is a distinct 'optical fingerprint' - a Gemprint - that is recorded and saved in a database shared instantly among a global network of jewelers, law-enforcement and government officials. Gemprints can be matched and retrieved in seconds. As forensic evidence, Gemprint has been used by the FBI and the Canadian Government since its invention in 1976.

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