3 Tweaks to Improve Your Website In 2015

1. Responsive Design

Customers are accessing your website from many devices -- computers, tablets, and mobile phones. When you have a website design that is responsive, this gives you the opportunity to boost sales by giving your users a more favorable experience that is optimized for their specific device. Depending on how your website is designed, a responsive code upgrade may or may not be difficult to implement.

A 2014 report states that 60% of all online traffic comes from mobile devices.

2. Video Content

Who doesn't love video? One interesting statistic from Mashable states that our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. So what does this mean for you, your business and website? Ditch the long-winded paragraphs and get to the point. With the use of video, you can revolutionize your website and furthermore, provide your website visitors with an experience that they will enjoy. Consider developing videos for product demos, consumer education, product promotions, and more!

3. Testimonials & Reviews

People trust their friends and family, so give them a reason to trust you. Let your customers leave you feedback & reviews, and seek permission to utilize these in your marketing materials and website. According to Forrester Research, consumers trust brand recommendations from friends 70% of the time. How about ads? Not so much. The report says consumers only trust recommendations from ads 10% of the time. Reviews and testimonials from your customers provide your brand an effective way to relay reliability via peer feedback.