Don't Make This Mistake When Buying Diamonds

Don't buy a diamond on the basis of how it is described on paper.

Several companies exist in the market that will examine a diamond and issue a written report setting forth their opinion of the color, clarity and other characteristics (for a fee). Here are a few of these companies as examples: American Gem Society, Gemological Institute of America, Gemological Laboratory, and International Gemological Institute.

Do not let these reports, or any other piece of paper make your purchasing decision. Why? Here are a few reasons:

-Vendors can submit the same diamond to the reporting companies for examination multiple times, then can choose the report with the best results in order to best market their diamond.

-Companies who issue reports do not guarantee the accuracy of the report in any way. This is clearly stated in the disclaimer on the report. Even reports done by the same company for a second time tend to offer different results.

-Clarity and color grades are ranges of clarity and color and not specific clarity or color.

-No report provides enough detail and information to determine whether the diamond proportions and light handling characteristics meet your personal requirements of optical beauty. Let your eyes tell you the story.

-Two diamonds that appear to be similar on paper can greatly differ in clarity, color, proportions, etc. Therefore, the price could be exponentially different.

-The Reports are not truly independent opinions because the companies that provide these are compensated to do so and are in competition with one another. Vendors want reports showing the best clarity and color grades for their respective diamonds. Therefore, if one company tends to grade higher, then a vendor is most likely going to continue to use them.

Lesson: Examine diamonds with your own eyes, and do not rely on reports.